About us


Our team is small yet enthusiastic, comprised of highly qualified multidisciplinary experts, covering a broad spectrum of fields starting from low level hardware to high level software. From the vast array of disciplines that we master, we choose our tools based on our clients unique objectives.
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The team cumulates university degrees in all areas of expertize, starting with bachelor degrees in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics, continuing with masters in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Information Processing in Communications and Multimedia and peaking with Phd in Control Systems, Telepresence and Teleoperation.


We are curious, passionate, creative engineers who are constantly involved in innovation and research. We work together with the academic environment, and have, over time, published our innovative ideas and prototypes in over 40 conference papers and articles in the fields of: electronics, embedded systems, communication protocols, robotics, image processing, etc. All our research is backed up by physical prototypes and large amounts of software.